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Tutor Ian

IELTS Ian's Way 

The New Method that Gets Results

Karen Website manager

I don't employ tutors, I personally teach you, one on one..


I have guided  over 1,600 students through the IELTS process and know what works best and where your effort earns you the highest score.


Book your free class with me, decide if you need a package of lessons or if you can complete your preparation with self study.

Start your self study by learning how IELTS is scored, by adopting the essay writing template, memorizing part 1 writing vocabulary, practicing the reading tests after learning the correct techniques, and learning how to tell a simple, logical story every time you speak.


Your IELTS journey will allow you to communicate better and help you approach life in a logical, step by step fashion.

Karen manages the website, responds to bookings, schedules the classes and follows up on billing.

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