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These are some IELTS Scoring Basics, there are many finer points to be learnt.

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IELTS SCORE            ENGLISH ABILITY         CEFR (common European framework of reference) 

       2                             Intermittent                    A 1

       3                             Extremely limited          A1

       4                             Limited                          A2

       5                             Modest                          B1

       6                             Competent                    B2

       7                             Good                             C1

       8                             Very good                      C1

       9                             Expert                            C2


IELTS scores are always given in increments of 0.5 and GET ROUNDED UP !             


Speaking is scored on 4 points, each worth 25%, namely Fluency, Pronunciation, Complexity  less errors and Grammar less errors.

Each time a question is answered, Presentation (quality of delivery) , Accuracy (did you answer the question?), and Clarity (is it easy to understand ) play a major role in the score you will be awarded.

There are three sections, part one counts for about 20 %, part 2 for 40 % and part 3 makes up  the last 40% of the score.


Writing is made up of two parts,  the first part contributes 33% to the total score and the second part, the essay, counts for 67%.

Task 1 (graph, data or procedure) is marked on how clear a view you are able to present, how logical and organized your statements are,and to what extent you can AVOID ERRORS.

The second part, the 250 word essay, is marked on how well you address the question as well as how clearly you can present your reasons and opinions, which means it must be logical and well organized.

ERRORS NEED TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS, complex grammar usage and high value words (advanced vocabulary) only increase the score if they are used perfectly without errors, OTHERWISE THEY DETRACT FROM YOUR SCORE. 

I will teach you to use a very firm essay template which will promote a clear, logical and relatively error free essay that can earn a good score no matter the topic.


Academic Reading  Section answers to Scores are below, Listening is similar but not exactly.

                                39 - 40 correct answers    -  Band Score 9

35-36 correct answers     - Band Score  8          37-38 correct answers     - Band Score  8.5

30-32 correct answers     - Band Score  7          33-34 correct answers     - Band Score  7.5

23-26 correct answers     - Band Score  6           27-29 correct answers     - Band Score  6.5

15-18 correct answers     - Band Score  5           19-22 correct answers     - Band Score  5.5

10-12 correct answers     - Band Score  4           13-14 correct answers     - Band Score  4.5

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