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Pricing, Booking and Payment

            Prices for 50 Minute IELTS Zoom classes with Ian.


Everyone can apply for a FREE TRIAL  class .


Decide which package you want and agree a date and time for your first class.


Take your class and start learning.


You will receive a bill for the package, either by Paypal or Ali Pay.


Package prices for 50 minute classes -


2    lesson package     44  USD

5    lesson package    100  USD

10  lesson package     180  USD

15  lesson package     260 USD

20 lesson package     320 USD


There is no “pay button” on this site, first you book your FREE trial class, if we are a good fit,  choose your package, agree dates and times for classes and start your course. Karen will send you a bill which you can pay with MasterCard, Visa or Ali Pay.

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