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Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

The New Method that Gets Results

The speaking section is when you are face to face with the examiner and you will be asked questions.

IELTS is an English Proficiency Test, you do NOT have to give technically accurate answers, you do not have to give honest answers, you just need to answer well, in a simple, clear and logical way that can be easily understood.

Nobel winner  Ernest Hemingway was famous for his simple, direct style. He used short sentences, simple phrases, and common vocabulary to create beautiful and powerful stories.  I want you to learn to tell a beautiful story every time you talk or write, so please, use short sentences, simple phrases, and common vocabulary.

First go over the question very carefully, make sure you understand the question, you may ask the examiner to explain anything in the question that you do not know. Now choose the easiest answer, be very firm and definite about your answer and state it in simple, clear, easy to understand English. Tell a story and make it sound good.

You need to address the question and link your answer  to the question, this is very important, I will teach you how.

Pay attention to your speed of speech, please don't get a speeding ticket or blast through the "stop signs", obey the rules of the road, otherwise known as punctuation. Pause at every opportunity, every comma, every period, every end of sentence.

Add a smile, relax your face, that will encourage your audience to listen to you., it will also improve your pronunciation. Engage your audience, make eye contact, pour on the charm, display your charisma, in other words, speak well. People do not remember what we say, but they never forget how we make them feel. Every time the examiner is making a subjective decision about your score, make him "feel" that you are worth the higher mark.

Part two of the speaking section is the dreaded "long turn". You MUST speak for two full minutes on a random topic. Don't worry, I will teach you how to do this confidently, using a generic story that will usually include a logical timeline, a familiar place, the weather and a third person (cousin or friend) who you know well.

Once you understand  that  IELTS is just a game and that when you know the rules and have mastered the strategy, you cannot loose. Then  your confidence level will rise, which in turn will boost your speaking ability and your IELTS score.

There are many more, very valuable points that I will teach you.  "Just say no", you will find that the negative answer to most questions is often the easy way out, which leads to simple, clear English and a high score. I will also teach you when to close down an answer and lock in your score, and when it is better to try to add a few more sentences before concluding.


Not only will these approaches guide you to a great IELTS score, but they will help you in everyday life.          

Thanks, I look forward to seeing you in class - Ian

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